The Floor Project: Part 6

We seem to be making some great progress.  These photos are from 2 evenings ago, but there’s just going around the edges now, under kitchen appliances, etc; basically all of the annoying detail work that I’m really glad we’re paying someone to do.  There’s nothing better than coming home from work and seeing a huge change that you didn’t have to put any labor into.

Eleganza Hampton Tile
View from the hallway

Today he is grouting the main living area and hopefully finishing the details in the kitchen, as most of my prepped food has been consumed and we haven’t yet been kicked out of the kitchen.

Eleganza Hampton Wood Look Tile
Here’s the view from our front door

Eleganza Hampton Wood Look Tile
And a detail shot.  Sorry for the thinset and pine needles

A couple days ago while they were laying the tile, our contractor’s wife (who sometimes helps him with short projects that he needs to complete quickly) said to him “I wish we had known about this kind of tile before we put in our hardwood floors.  Then our dogs wouldn’t have messed them up! You can’t even tell it’s tile!”  That always feels good.

Eleganza Hampton Wood Look Tile
View from the corner of our dining room

I also heard from him “You picked a PRETTY HARD tile!  It takes forever to cut!”  So if you’re thinking of using Eleganza Hampton line tiles, keep that in mind; they’re super hard.  I assume that translates into tough to chip and unlikely to break.  I guess time will tell.

Eleganza Hampton Wood Look Tile
Last but not least, view from the sunken living room, which will be tackled when he returns from the trade show he’s going to next week.

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