The Floor Project: Part 5

Alright.  I don’t have anything REALLY interesting to share. I am already making excuses for this post.  My photos are terrible because a)I left my SD card reader at work so I had to use my phone b)my phone’s flash and lens sucks c)all of our lamps are unreachable and this room’s overhead lighting leaves something to be desired.

But here you go.  This is what I came home to yesterday.  They took all of the carpet out of the main living area of the house and had cement board installed almost everywhere.  They started out laying whole tiles in the family room area.  From what I hear, they will probably be doing our hallway tonight.

Grout will be close to the darkest brown in the wood grain – definitely not white!

It’s been kind of an ordeal with the animals in the house while we’re doing this.  Due to the fairly open floor plan of the house, we’re unable to effectively barricade any area off to keep the 2 dogs and 1 cat from running all over the freshly-laid tile.  As such, the cat has been locked up in our bedroom/bathroom with his food, water and litter box.  During the day (after the tile has set overnight and is “cleared” to walk on), Boris is allowed to roam free (he won’t split when the contractor has the doors open and requires much less attention to prevent escape), and Helo is crated in the bedroom with the cat.  Last night we made a wall of our dining room chairs and sectioned off the sunken living room (where we’re storing all of our furniture and “living” while the installation occurs).  The dogs could easily get through that so had to be “babysat” by one of us at all times.  We stayed there, ate microwaved leftovers (vegetarian moussaka) and watched TV/did some interneting until about 8.  Then we took the dogs around to the bedroom through the back yard (we have a slider in the bedroom) and hung out with them and the cat until it was time to go to sleep.

As it stands, the dogs are pissed, the cat is pissed, and I’m really hoping this will be done soon!  Luckily the really crazy stuff should only last about a week.  The up side?  It looks fabulous and the house already smells better.

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