The Floor Project: Part 4

Our contractor gets started on installing the flooring today.  In fact, as I’m typing this, he is probably tearing up our disgusting carpet and regretting taking on the job.  Craig and my father in law, Joe, tore out our pantry, preliminarily installed our island, and did a whole lot of wiring this weekend.

View of kitchen from front door.  You can see how the pantry really closed off the space.
Here it is from the sunken living room.

The wiring part was the biggest pain.  Since we are leaving a sophit and installing pendant lights there, we had to tap into the existing kitchen lighting to tie it to the same switch.  Because we wanted an outlet on the island (and needed to mount the dining room’s light switch somewhere), Joe & Craig had to fish the wires up through the ceiling, down the wall next to the fridge, into the crawl space under the house, and back up through the floor next to the island.  There was a lot of additional technical stuff that went right over my head.   Regardless, it gone done and everything seems to function beautifully.

Constant dog photobombing.  That’s Helo’s butt.

One thing that we did besides adding the wiring to above the island is we poked another hole for pendants over the table.  Hopefully all of the lighting stuff that I ordered trickles in over the next week or so and after I get the-cap-that’ll-be-going-in-over-the-island painted, we can get everything in. You can see in many of the photos that one of the 4 bulbs is out on our existing dining room fixture.  It’s a bad socket.

View from the corner of where our sectional sofa usually is.

All of the furniture got moved out of the main living area of the house to the sunken living room.  That’ll be phase II, so we can continue living in the house while the flooring gets installed without renting a storage unit for all of our furniture.

Photo from the stove/sink area of the kitchen

From the corner of the dining room. 

We plan to try to track down the “right” soapstone remnant to make up a top once we get the island wrapped, filled, painted, etc.  For now, we have some granite take-offs from my dad’s recent kitchen renovation that we hope to someday turn into an outdoor food prep station.  Beats the pants off of a mis-sized scrap of plywood!

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