Prep for having the house torn apart

I didn’t quite think this through til a couple days ago, but for at least 3 days, the kitchen will be unusable.

Day 1= Putting down underlayment, laying tile, letting tile dry
Day 2= Grouting tile and letting it dry
Day 3= Sealing grout/putting stove/dishwasher/fridge back in

That means that I’ll be unable to make breakfast or dinner for 3 WHOLE DAYS!!!

Which may not seem like much, but for me, it is.  And since Craig and I have gone on this “clean eating” kick and we’re trying to avoid processed foods, wheat, seriously processed grains, and most animal products (still eating eggs, butter, milk and occasionally chicken and fish) and trying to increase our chlorophyll-laden veggie intake, not using the kitchen is kind of a big deal.  Our diet is consisting mostly of brown rice, legumes, and fresh vegetables.  In preparation, I am making a number of dishes that are prepared and can be consumed cold, microwaved at work, or (hopefully) microwaved in our kitchen (worst case scenario is that we either borrow a microwave from a friend or remove the over-the-stove one that’s used as a hood and put it on a table somewhere).

 Next week’s menu includes(numerous recipes have been modified to fit within our “restraints”):
White bean soup w/ kale, topped with a microwave poached egg
Red Flannel Hash
Vegetarian Moussaka
Spicy Thai Coconut Quinoa
Roasted Winter Squash & Kale brown rice
Baked Brown Rice w/ eggplant, zucchini, and mozzarella
Broccolette & Crimini fried brown rice w/ chicken breast cubes
Lemony Harissa Couscous w/ poached hake fillets
Brown rice & chicken w/ fresh and sun dried tomatoes, cucumber, and artichoke hearts w/ yogurty dressing
Crockpot steel cut oatmeal

Anyway, here’s where I’m at on things with the floor.  This weekend I’m working towards trying to get our meals in line.  As such, I still expect we’ll have to get takeout one night next week.  My father in law is coming to tear out the pantry in the morning, and the contractor doing the floor is making a stop by the house tomorrow to go over the last specifics and get his down payment.

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