The Floor Project: Part 2

So yesterday I shared some photos of the house, the disgusting floor, and the dogs.  I stayed home from work today (woohoo to getting some vacation after 6 months on the job!) to wait for the tile to arrive. While I waited, I drug the art deco credenza out of the garage and put it into the laundry room to house some of our not often used food items that the mormon in me needs to buy in bulk and store.  This whole “getting rid of the pantry thing” is going to be awesome, but until we get the cabinets in and fixed up/painted, I expect that the whole kitchen is going to be a total PITA.

Sorry for the mess in these photos.  I have determined that if I wait to take photos of anything in the house until it’s clean, it’ll either be months before anything gets shared (like our granite counter top install), or I won’t bother to take the photos ever and by the time I think about sharing it on the blog, it’ll either be too late or I’ll only think of taking them while I’m at work.

Anyway, so everything go emptied from the pantry into either the buffet/credenza or the closet that was once our 2nd pantry….. and is now our ONLY pantry… 😦  Soon enough we will cut down the melamine shelves that were in the original pantry to replace all of the shelves in the new primary pantry, and I recently saw a post on my favorite home design website that showed a pantry with a brightly painted interior.  I think it’d be a blast to paint it bright green like our laundry room or something…. any input?  Anything but something particularly dark.

Even after using the new pantry closet for a few days, I am already getting frustrated over the way the door opens.  I would prefer that we totally remove the door and not replace it.  Craig isn’t fully on board.  I’m thinking I’ll take it off sometime when he’s gone and he’ll have to put it back up if he really needs it to be there.
And then the truck showed up to deliver my tile.  Since I was his 2nd to last stop of the day, the truck had a bit of a tilt and he wasn’t able to pull either of the 2,200lb pallets of tile out of the truck without me.  So my “stealthy” picture taking had to come to an end and I had to climb into the truck to push the tile out.
Here are the 2 pallets in the garage…. HECK YES!!!!

And the tile laid out on our old coffee table .  I am thrilled.  It looks like wood (for the most part), and should look fabulous with a nice dark grout.  Best part, no redness in it!

Less than a week til installation starts.  We may get started on removing the pantry tonight!

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