The Floor Project: Part 1

Part of the reason I haven’t been posting much is because I’m terribly embarrassed as to the state of our floors.  They consist of disgusting old carpet that’s full of dog smell and dog fur and all of the fun by-products associated with 2 80lb beasts residing in the house.  The other main flooring in our house is vinyl flooring…. from the 70s…. and the shape it’s in is indicative of it’s 40 year age.

The only photo that I’ve taken in the last few months that even shows the carpet… believe me when
I say that the soft light is incredibly kind to the state of the carpet.

We’ve mulled over our options in terms of flooring… Carpet would just get incredibly disgusting again, so that was out. Wood/laminate/strand bamboo all suffer from the same problems in dealing with moisture, plus are very loud on the dogs toenails and would eventually get scratched to hell, making the investment a huge waste of money.  Commercial linoleum would probably be an awesome option, but our house just doesn’t have the character to stand up something so industrial in nature without looking trashy.  That leaves cement and tile.  Since our house isn’t slab-on-grade, and instead has a crawl space, polishing and staining our slab (we don’t have one) is a no-go.  
Yes, the linoleum has begun delaminating.  This spot has slowly grown over the last 2 years.
That leaves tile.  We live in Western Washington, and tile is a very uncommon flooring material in the region due to the cool and moist climate (which seems to be a pretty good argument FOR it!).  To keep the house still at least LOOKING somewhat conventional, we’ve decided to go with a wood-look tile flooring, then we can get a bunch of cheap area rugs and throw them out every year or so when they start getting skanky smelling and dog-y.  The best part?  I can steam clean and BLEACH the floors!!!

Boris is so embarrassed about the floor he couldn’t even bear to be photographed
Along with the tiling that will be going on, we are going to be tearing out our pantry and putting a kitchen island in.  This needs to happen in conjunction with the flooring as we want to have the tile done under the island, but we’re going to be mounting electrical outlets and switches on the island, so it’ll have to go in shortly after the tile.
This is the flooring we’ve chosen.  It’s Eleganza Hampton in Walnut.
Since we’re trying to do this on the cheap, the idea of dropping $1000 to make up the cabinetry of the island made me twinge a little bit, so I got to searching around for a good deal on 5-6 feet of base cabinets that someone had pulled out of their remodel, so I could order new doors and drawer fronts and paint them to match our existing cabinets. I managed to snag a pretty good deal on some pretty hideous matching oak base cabinets at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore when they did their end of year clearance.
Now all we do is wait…. the tile is supposed to be delivered tomorrow, and the contractor who’s installing the floor is scheduled to start a week from today.  I am over the moon at the idea that in 2 little weeks, I could have the kitchen opened up and have almost no carpet in the house!!!

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