Small rant

In an attempt to become more “regular” with my blogging, I’m going to try to forego all of the (totally fancy) photos that I tend to be too lazy to pull from my SD card, and just start putting out some content.

A home design/decor blog that I follow pretty regularly is doing a “January Cure” series of posts where they give subscribers a task/project/bit of advice each day of January to get their home in tip top shape.  One of the bloggers has decided to liveblog her progress in this endeavor.  The first day is go to room through room and come up with a “to do” list for each room, then identify the top 3-5 projects/tasks that each room or area of your house needs most.  She asked readers to comment with their own lists.  I was reading through the comments, curious as to what others identified as needs when I happened upon this post.  I’m not sure if the right word here is pretentious…  It just doesn’t seem to reflect the level of self-importance and fantasy that this poster has implied by their post.   I have included a screenshot and highlighted the number of times they used the word “curate” in the portion of their post that I was able to fit on my screen.  It’s about twice this long, and the usage of the word curate is just as prolific in the second half of the post, if not more.


I may occasionally be able to pardon the usage of the word “curate” when in reference to a HOUSE, which is decidedly not a museum or gallery when someone refers to a long-term plan to assemble a collection of art.  Since I do not know exactly what the projects are that require “curating” are, whether they are the process of acquiring the items or just styling them, I cannot quite put my finger on how much of a douche this person is, but I can certainly assure you that they are.

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