The living room re-do

We spent a few months putting things together and actually getting to the point of photographing things.  Mostly because I’m extremely lazy and I avoid getting out the camera.  Then once I took the photos I got too lazy to actually remove them from my SD card and share them.  So while I’m feeling too lazy to take the covers off my sofa to show you my christmas tree, I figured that I may as well share the photos that I took of the living room this last summer.  Since then we got a new piece of furniture – a hutch that is now housing the lion’s share of our liquor, and we have a bunch of new pillows, but otherwise, the living room is quite similar to the photos…. with the exception of the 4 ft Christmas tree on the coffee table (effectively out of dog-range).  As is, here are the photos.  The whole room’s worth of furniture (minus the kegerator) including curtains, lamps, paint, and accessories cost under $2,000.  The trim definitely needs replacing, and it’s on the docket for after the new flooring install…




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