Dry stream bed/rain garden is working!

I know I haven’t shared any of the rest of the landscape photos with you guys, but I made a dry stream bed with a big swale to collect water during downpours so we don’t experience the standing water that we have over the last few years.  I expected the standing water to get worse after we tore out the junipers, and it seems as though it probably would have…. had I not dug out and installed the swale.  A few weeks ago was our first real rainstorm since summer. Worked like a charm!  I am excited for the bulbs that I planted to take advantage of the spring rains…..

Here’s a quick snapshot of the stream bed in progress.
Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

We have a little more fine tuning to do….  Changing the slope into the swale a wee bit and making sure the gutters stay clear, but all in all… very successful!


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