A tale of 3 dressers

A year or so ago, we got a new bed.  It was a smokin’ deal from a family friend who was getting rid of her king sized bed because it was too big for her new room.  So, needing a bed and loving the possibility of having a massive king sized bed, we bought it from her, jamming the king sized bed into our tiny and narrow bedroom.  Brilliant!  There is exactly 20″ on each side of the bed.  With the bed came a matching dresser that is equally massive.


Seeing as it doesn’t exactly fit with our style, we eventually decided to replace it with something a little less…..obtrusive.  Perhaps a platform bed.  So we craigslisted it, but the person who bought it was not interested in the dresser.  So we still have the massive pine dresser.  I’ve posted it on craigslist a couple times, but have not been particularly motivated to sell it, as that means I’ll actually have to take all of our clothes out of it and find something to replace it.


A few weeks ago I visited my mother and she suggested that I take my brother’s old dresser, a great art-deco style hutch that she had sanded down and then lost motivation to oil and put into use.  It had been sitting in her garage for the last several years, unused.  I took it home and oiled it, then stuck it in the entry way of our house.  Craig isn’t a fan.  Truth be told, there are large burn marks on the top, and the style once again is not consistent with the modern / mid-century vibe we have going on in the house.  So that dresser is living in the entry of our house until I determine what I will be doing with it.  Either craigslisting or moving it into the garage for storage.


But then, while browsing craigslist for something to turn into a good liquor cabinet/bar for the family room, I came across a pretty collectible Broyhill Sculptra dresser with the matching mirror for a ridiculously low price…. so I caved, and bribed one of my coworkers with lunch to help carry it down some stairs and get it into my car.  I stole this photo from the internet, as the dresser is still residing in the back of my car after 3 days.  I suspect that getting Craig to carry this one into the house will require that one or two of the others be carried out of the house.


Wish me luck!

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