Our "cheap" coffee table project

Hardy Har Har

Ok, so I get This Old House magazine.  A few months back they had this article on building a hairpin legged coffee table.  I like hairpin legs and the whole mid-century look, so I got to coercing Craig into helping me build it.  After all, the article said under $100

This Old house hairpin legs

The catch was, we weren’t going to use wood.  “Why?” you may ask…  Here’s why.  Helo likes eating wood furniture.
Dog chewed table

So…. A stone top it is!  I figured we could get a granite remnant for $50 or so and then get some legs and be good to go for under $150.  But then Craig didn’t like the $50 remnant that I picked out, so we got a marble remnant for $186.  Oops.
Marble Remnant

Marble Remnant

Then we had to cut it.  That was a $30 diamond blade.
Cutting Marble Remnant

And then we broke it.  So we had to cut it again.  Did you know that marble is super brittle and prone to fracturing along all of those beautiful veins?  Neither did we.  But we learned. Pro-tip – if plans change partway through your project, do some googling on your smart phone before dropping nearly $200 on a piece of stone you know nothing about.
Cutting Marble Remnant

After that, there was about 45 minutes of wet sanding to knock down some of the etching from it sitting out in the elements for however many months.  The cost of sand paper and sealer worked out to about $40.

The hairpin legs came out to about $90 after shipping, and a sheet of plywood to mount them to came out to about $25.  Then misc supplies like T-nuts, bolts, and silicone adhesive came out to another $25 or so.  I won’t count the cost of the paint for the plywood or other misc items that I already had lying around.

We finally got it all pulled together last night and after the silicone drying, we moved it into the living room this morning.
Marble Remnant coffee table

Marble Remnant coffee table

Try eating that!!!
Marble Remnant coffee table

Marble Remnant coffee table with hairpin legs

Marble Remnant coffee table with hairpin legs

Total cost:

Oh, and if you come over, don’t spill acidic stuff on it, it will etch the surface, marble reacts to acid.  Or if you do, clean it thoroughly right away.:squint:

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