A nice outdoor space/something to keep me going…

It feels like winter/spring lasts forever in the PNW. First we get autumn which slowly turns into cold rainy “blah” of winter weather. Then eventually we get a few weeks of sporadic sun and it makes everyone hopeful. Then it regresses back into rain and stormy weather. It seems the next 1.5 weeks will be rain, wind, and unpleasantness (read: the plastic cover on our deck making loud noises when it’s particularly windy). Days like this are when I need to look back on photos when it was not totally rainy, dreary, and depressing. Here are some of my favorites from last summer. I am SO looking forward to 60 degree nights and air conditioning!

Here are some veggies going under one of my plastic raised bed covers! They were very productive last year despite the cool summer. I attribute it more to the plastic over the beds than the blood meal in the soil!

And the herb garden (all in pots!) just getting started last year (in JUNE! can I make it that long!?)

And a month later, another veggie bed under plastic!

And the same original bed, a month later! Oh what time does!

The Japanese Full Moon Maple that was given to my mom shortly after my brother died. I call it the “Jonah Tree.” Gorgeous!

Hens & Chicks

And the “herb garden” a month later

Even May holds promise! Here’s our fire pit getting some use last (early) summer!

A happy lit and covered table after dinner

And burning up some leftover cedar decking after making s’mores!
I can’t wait for summer!

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