Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Today is my first wedding anniversary.  Since I never posted any of our wedding photos on the blog, I figured that now was as good a time as any, and to tell you guys a bit about it.  We had the ceremony and reception at a nearby koi water garden location.  It was a mid-afternoon ceremony and the main goal was for it to be a laid back comfortable event for our friends and family to enjoy.  My favorite flowers in the whole wide world are dahlias, so I made my bouquet from my favorite dahlia ever, A La Mode!  Then I bought 3 A La Mode tubers over the winter and planted them this spring.  They haven’t performed particularly well this year, but my first bloom opened up this morning, an anniversary present from our garden!

A La Mode Dahlia

To give credit where credit is due, my aunt took most of the photographs, but a number of them came from the wife of one of my coworkers, Kate.

Dahlia bouquet in milkglass pitcher

A few weeks before the wedding, I stopped by one of the flower stalls of the local farmers market and ordered enough bouquets in our wedding colors(which were orange, red, and yellow) from them to go on each table.  The morning of the wedding, we drove down to the market before it opened, picked up all of our bouquets, and then walked through the rest of the flower stalls to make up the remainder of the flowers that we needed, which were about 2 dozen assorted dahlias to go in quilted mason jars hanging from shepherd’s hooks to lead the guests from the parking area to the celebration space, and 2 dozen A La Mode variety for me to pick through for my bouquet.

Garden Party Wedding Tables

Dahlias in Mason Jars Path Liner

Dahlias in Mason Jars Path Liner

A La Mode Dahlia bridal bouquet

We had a beautiful, short, and sweet ceremony.  Guests had beer, wine, soda, and water available before and through the ceremony.  No point not having it, and they seemed to like having the option.

Wedding Ceremony Arbor

Walking down the aisle

Wedding Ceremony

After the ceremony we got PELTED with birdseed from our guests. It got EVERYWHERE.  Seriously, all the nooks and crannies that you’d imagine something smaller than rice would get. That was a fun idea from my mom that seemed a lot better in theory than it turned out.  Don’t do this at your wedding.  I was picking bird seed out of my hair through to the next day.  Huge mess.

Bird seed throwing at wedding

To help keep our guests cool before/during the ceremony, we put together these fans.  I made a document for both sides on my computer and had it printed in a dark red color on a creamy cardstock.  The cardstock was folded over and double stick taped to itself and a tongue depressor that had been drilled and strung with some color coordinated ribbon (red, yellow, or orange) to a drilled golf pencil.  One side of the fan was a quick program type thing, and the other was either a personalized crossword or mad lib.

Wedding Program Fans

We had good friends, great family, and were truly blessed by everyone who came out to celebrate with us.



Bride and groom


Now, my favorite part – the cake and food!  I found a local caterer through Yelp! that got some great reviews, and I was so happy to go with him.  Here’s the plug – it was Starry Nights Catering.  We were first impressed by his cakes.  It was clear that he had mad skills, with the quality of his buttercreams and the way the flavors paired perfectly.  We went with a vanilla chiffon cake, raspberry jam and lemon curd filling with a standard (real) buttercream.  Craig, who doesn’t even like cake, loved this cake.  His cake skills translated into his food too.  We did utensil free snackies.  Crab cakes, tea sandwiches(he even made a custom reuben for Craig), tortellini skewers, spanikopita, hummus with pita, etc.  We kept it simple but have gotten a lot of compliments on the food and cake, and honestly, I haven’t had better food or cake at other weddings that we’ve attended, though I haven’t been to any high-dollar events, so I can’t really compare there.

Wedding Food

Wedding Cake with Dahlias



The wine came from Washington vineyards, and the beer came from Black Raven, a local brewery.  We had a keg of their Scotch ale and a keg of their IPA.  Then we got a few cases of PBR.  We actually bought so much PBR that we had several cans kicking around in the fridge up til a few weeks ago.  Then I saved 2 of them to have for our anniversary just because we had gotten so far!



To us the wedding was perfect.  We had a lot of family busting their butts to help us pull it together, and really couldn’t have made it work without them.  So to those of you who came, here’s a walk down memory lane and a huge thank you!  And to those of you who don’t know us, there’s a little insight into our wedding last year!

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