The garden – what a month does!

We’ve had a slow start to summer here in the PNW for the second year in a row.  For gardeners, it’s FRUSTRATING!  Everything has started off slowly.  For example, purple lilacs usually bloom for a few weeks out of the year, and just as they are tapering off, the white lilacs start to kick in.  Only the saddest dregs of purple blooms, and the most healthy white blooms are left around by Mother’s day most years.  This year, the purple buds didn’t even open until well after Mother’s day.

Here are some shots of the garden around Labor Day weekend.

My butter lettuce
Lettuce kitchen garden

The strawberries
strawberry garden bed

strawberry garden bed - green strawberries

The bed around our main deck
Moneywort spreading


Raised garden bed ornamental

Hops and Nasturtium
Hops and nasturtium raised bed

Hops sprouting

My main raised beds
Hoophouses on raised beds

Zucchini, cucumbers, peas, and peppers
Sprouting spring vegetables

Pea seedlings

zucchini seedlings

pepper seedlings

The tomatoes that I planted from seed.  What was I thinking?
tomato seedlings

Pumpkins and butternut squash
winter squash seedlings

The herb garden
container herb garden

parsley in a container

Sage & Oregano
sage and oregano in pots

Thyme, Chives, and Sweet Bay Laurel
Strawberry pot with herbs and thyme

Mint, cilantro, catnip, and patio zucchini
Mint and parsley growing in a container

The Jonah Tree
Full Moon Japanese Maple

Boris next to our rhubarb – for scale
Dog next to rhubarb and peony

The dahlia/flower bed
dahlia bed

dahlia bed

OK, so here’s the garden now.  Things have seriously filled in.

The lettuce
salad greens bed

The strawberries
strawberry bed

ripening strawberries

The bed around the main deck

small hydrangea

invasive succulent groundcover

The pumpkin/butternut squash bed
winter squash growing in raised bed

The dahlia/flower bed
Dahlia bed

The tomatoes – I broke down and bought a bunch of started heirloom plants
tomatoes growing in hoophouse

tomatoes growing in hoophouse

The pea/zucchini/cucumber/pepper bed – I had to remove the plastic because the zucchinis got too big!
zucchinis growing in raised bed

baby zucchini growing

The hops/nasturtium bed
hops and nasturtium in raised bed

Hops growing up twine

A random spider

Hanging baskets with freshly planted sweet potato vine
sweet potato vine

The Jonah Tree
full moon japanese maple

Succulents as a “centerpiece” for the outdoor table
succulents in galvanized planter

The herb garden
covered deck in july

Crazy plant from mom
audrey the plant

Dill, oregano, parsley, oregano, basil, basil, thyme, chives, sweet bay laurel
container herb garden

Cilantro, mint, catnip, zucchini, fountain, ornamental grass
container herb garden

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