Ack! My shoulder hurts!!!

This was the kitchen before I tore all of the doors out.  Silly me!


Then I got to painting them.


I’d like to show you my ingenius drying setup.  We don’t have any sawhorses, but I figured I’d for the same concept with crossbars, but with less sawhorse.  I got 6 10 foot sections of 3/4″ PVC and some T ends for the to keep them from rolling, and set them up in pairs on the garage floor.  Just off the ground enough to let air circulate under them and allow offgassing(I used oil paint for it’s curing properties over latex).  Then primed first the backside of each door, then the sides and front of each door (I had somewhast fast drying primer) then waited overnight to sand them.  Then this morning I sanded each door, and painstakingly removed sanding dust from them(bobby pins helped to get the compacted stuff out of the corners. I’m not lying.), and then painted the back sides today.  Sanding, de-dusting, showering (I was covered in powdery dusty primer crap) and painting the doors, with about 15 minutes set aside for lunch, took me from 10am to 6pm.  It was VERY time consuming.  Tomorrow after work, I get to do the first coat of (after primer) paint on the front and edges of the doors.  Then Tuesday night, sand, Wednesday night I’ll paint the back of the doors, Thursday I’ll paint the front and sides, and HOPEFULLY that’ll be it.  If I have to do another coats, that’ll add 1-3 days depending on how I’m able to fit it into my schedule.  Awesome.  Holy paragraph.  Sorry.



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