What the heck color is this mixer?!

I’m beginning to get frustrated. You see, I adore this mixer. When my parents got divorced, and my mom and I were picking out things to start our new house, we of course needed a kitchenaid mixer. My mom, trying to make this as fun as possible for me, let me pick out the color of the mixer. I immediately decided upon the color that Martha was using at the time, which in the late 90’s was an antique greenish color. When I moved out to go to college, my mother got me a mixer as a graduation present. It was awesome, dark blue, and so modern! Within a year I burned out the transmission. Kitchenaid replaced it under warranty, and I didn’t bother to take the replacement out of the box for a year or so as I had been moving around a fair bit and not baking all that often. Within months of taking it out of the box, the transmission was developing the same telltale groans and grunts as the previous one had. Remembering KA’s amazing customer service, I called them up again, and the woman that I spoke with tersely told me that she’d happily get the address and phone number for a local repair shop; making it clear that they wouldn’t be footing the bill on this one! I continued to use it until it too, bit the dust. Then I lucked out. Just a few months later, my mother was moving to Australia and trying to liquidate most of her unnecessary possessions. I inherited the Martha Mixer! While I’m pretty sure it was manufactured too late to have been built by Hobart (they made the good mixers that last generations: I’m still hoping to inherit my Dad’s), it’s held up to considerably more abuse than the 2 previous artisan mixers (this is the Ultra Power model).


I plan to have it around for a long time (and take her in to have the transmission replaced when -not if- she kicks the bucket) As such, I’m trying to figure out what the name of the color is. I’ve gone so far to bring scores of paint cards home from the hardware stores to see if I can match it. It’s Behr’s 460D-5 Tree Fern, and Benjamin Moore’s 586-1B Northern Lights. Martha’s paint line has nothing close. Colors that I can tell you with a good degree of certainty that it ISN’T in the KA lineup are: Pistachio, Green Apple, Bay Leaf, Martha Stewart Collection Blue. I’d like to find a toaster in this color.

[UPDATE: The color is Jadite.  I’m on the lookout for some of the Fire King Jadite collectible glass stuff from the 50’s now.]

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