We put up Christmas lights!

Finally, for our third winter in the house and Craig decided on Saturday that he wanted Christmas lights! So we went out and got some nice LED ones with a 5 year warranty and put them up. We don’t have traditional gutters (there was some silly fad in the 70’s to do built-in gutters, which look great because they don’t look like gutters, but a pain because you can’t put gutter-shield on them and can’t use gutter-clips like most houses) so we had to put a bunch of nails in our fascia.


I made Craig do the peak on the roof because it faces the street and is pretty much the ONLY architectural feature on this poor ranch home.


There was moss on the roof. He threw it at me because I was taking pictures of him and wouldn’t stop.



Look how pretty it looks at night! We’re so festive!


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