Our new kitchen counter and sink!

Ok, so we got this installed about 2 months ago, and I’ve been super lazy about sharing the photos. First it was because I broke the glass top of our stove when trying to put it back in after the countertop install ($360), and by the time we put the new one in, the kitchen was already kinda messy; plus I couldn’t bear to blog about how stupid I was in thinking that not measuring the stove against a newly installed counter would somehow magically work out with rainbows and unicorns. We netted more than $3000 in cash money from our wedding guests (glad I married into an Italian family!!!) and since the funds were raised under the guise of kitchen improvements(we needed them!), we spent them on a new counter.


The cabinets in the kitchen may be ugly, but the next project is to buy new doors, and paint everything a crisp creamy, warm, buttery white. We knew that we wouldn’t be replacing cabinets because we’re super-happy with the kitchen layout as is, and refacing would cost us a minimum of $5,000, which is just not worth it. I figure the new doors and paint project shouldn’t cost me more than $1,000, and I wouldn’t like refaced cabinets 5 times more than painted ones. Plus, in our neighborhood, painted cabinets will be peachy, and won’t price us out of the area. With enough to do a counter, we decided that it was going to be the best bang for our buck in terms of changing how the kitchen feels, and I was totally pumped about not having the old counter in any more of my food photos!


You see, the old counter was original to the house, and had this classy “leatherette” pattern pressed into it. Yes, our laminate counter was 3D. So not only was it a nightmare to clean on top if you did anything involving doughs, the edges of it that weren’t meticulously cleaned (as I had to in all of my prep areas) accumulated…debris.


The new counter is a granite slab. And yes, I’m aware that this is the most overused pattern, but it’s so good at hiding stuff!!!! I also (from a technical standpoint) would have preferred a zodiaq surface, but the granite looks prettier and is apparently better for resale value.


We also knew that with a new counter, we’d get a new sink. That was a decision that was making me very nervous. I know that stainless is pretty much indestructible, but it always looks dirty and we don’t have it anywhere else in the kitchen. If we were to get a cast iron with enamel coating, I’d have to bet on not damaging the enamel, which I can pretty easily bet that I WOULD do. I am extraordinarily clumsy. What we thought we’d have to do was do an overmount (yuck!) enamel coated cast iron sink so we could replace it when I inevitably damaged it.


But it turns out that there’s this new material called silgranit, that a company called Blanco makes sinks out of. As far as I’ve gleaned in my research, it’s similar to zodiaq in composition, doesn’t stain, is very difficult to scratch or break, and doesn’t look nearly as dirty as either stainless or enamel coated iron.


So we spent $400 on the biggest size that would reasonably fit within the cabinet dimensions. It’s glorious. $2500 in granite and installation, and $400 for a sink, plus about $275 for the faucet and various plumbing parts and my favorite part is the sink. I could probably bathe Boris in the sink if he’d sit patiently. It’s HUGE. 30″ wide, however far front to back, and 9.5″ deep. So far, there’s been nothing in the kitchen that doesn’t fit, between the deep sink and the tall faucet.


It’s gigantic. I can fit a 1/2 sized sheet pan in there AND have room to the side for a colander to drain pasta. The only downside that I’ve come across with this immense sink is that when it’s full of dishes, I can easily fill the dishwasher and usually have a few odds and ends to hand wash.


Oh well.

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