New pack member

This is the newest member of our pack. Craig and Boris and I drove down to Kent to meet him, and ended up bringing him home with us.


The name the rescue group gave him is Manitok, but we’re still trying to figure out a more manageable name to call him. He’s about an inch taller than Boris at the shoulders and 5lbs heavier, but is so furry that he looks enormous compared to our pooch.


They’re still working out who’s dominant, but it looks like it’s going to be Boris. They both got bathed and now they’re wrestling and running around the house like old pals. We definitely have to do some obedience training with the new guy, all he knows is “sit” and only if I have a treat in my hand. The whistle means come, but he’s not so keen on actually doing so with any degree of rapidity.


So far we both kinda like Gaius and Starbuck, but Gaius sounds a lot like “Boris” and we’re afraid people will think we’re naming him after the coffee company if we call him Starbuck. Any name suggestions?

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