Chocolate tart and a sausage fest

The weekend after the wedding (this weekend) we planned to throw a party to get our friends to help us consume leftover booze from the wedding. We ended up with a lot more leftover beer than we expected, thanks to my exceptional planning in assuming that other people would be interested in drinking an award winning IPA instead of an acceptable Scotch ale. Oh well!

I thought I’d be clever and call it a “Sausage Fest.” And instead of just having a bunch of guys and no women, we’d serve sausage (ha ha, you’re so funny Laurel!). So we did 2 different types of Sausage – brats, and chicken tomato/basil. We fed 13 people I think? The menu was:
Brats (from the store)
Rolls (from the store)
Beer braised onions
Sauerkraut (from the store)
Mustard (from the store)
Hot & vinegary german potato salad
Soft Pretzels

Chicken with sun dried tomatoes and basil sausage
Greek pasta salad
fried polenta

Pitas & pita chips (from the store)
Leftover dips from the wedding
Hummus (from the store)
Jalapeño artichoke dip (from the store)
Kalamata olive tapenade

Spinach salad with bacon mustard vinaigrette

Lemon Tart
Chocolate Tart

Of course I forgot to take pictures of ANYTHING. Partially because I was cooking literally ALL DAY, and partially because by the time the food was totally complete, I had consumed several beers. And then I decided that one of our friends needed to take the leftover chocolate tart home. Shit!


And then Craig told me that he hadn’t gotten any of it, and I had to come up with some sort of dessert to feed our friend who came over for dinner tonight, so I whipped up another one.


It’s basically just a normal tart shell (by the way, this is the FIRST time I’ve ever made any kind of pastry without it going horribly wrong and shrinking or developing tumors. I feel like I’ve found God.) with some cocoa powder added in, and a chocolate ganache filling – which is dark chocolate and cream. YUM.



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