Steak and sun dried tomato risotto

Craig was gone for the weekend, so I decided to treat myself to a nice lunch a few weeks ago. So I picked up a NY strip steak from our favorite butcher, and decided that a nice risotto would make a good pairing, considering I had a bottle of white wine and half a gallon of chicken stock to use up.


Risotto’s super easy. And steak’s super easy to cook. Get a smoking hot cast iron pan, toss in a salted and peppered steak, let it sear on one side, flip over, then pop it into a 400º oven. Cook it to desired done-ness, pull out of pan, let rest on cutting board for several minutes, then slice and enjoy.


I prefer my steak cold on the inside. As rare as possible while still cooked on the outside. YUM. I don’t really like stomping all over the flavor of the meat.


Treat yourself to a fancy lunch!!!!

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