Watermelon seedlings

Ok, after last year’s complete watermelon failure, I pretty much swore to myself that I wouldn’t ever try growing watermelons ever again. I planted like 6 starts, one plant survived and grew approximately 2 feet all summer, despite huge amounts of watering, and almost everything else in the yard flourishing.


Then I was at Flower World several weeks ago and found a packet of (YELLOW!!!) heirloom personal-sized watermelon seeds “excellent for the northern climate gardener” which means people with short growing seasons and not super hot summers… basically…. ME!

So I bought them. Then I cursed myself the entire way home for spending $3 and a summer full of emotional turmoil when they don’t even produce fruit that’s anywhere near mature by October. Then a few days later I found another packet of small-sized watermelon seeds at another store couldn’t help but snatch it up, after already having received the flogging I’d given myself not a week prior. I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself again.


Then, during a stroke of genius, I decided to mark which ones were which so I could know whether to be upset when the yellow ones didn’t grow. I put toothpicks in the cells that had one particular sort so I could tell the difference. The problem is that I forgot which ones were which. And they all sprouted. So it’ll be an exciting surprise when I cut into them. Or more likely than not, it’ll be supremely disappointing because I will never know which plants were which because they never produced fruit. Regardless, my ridiculously optimistic tendencies reared their ugly heads and I will HOPEFULLY be enjoying tiny little partially ripe watermelons most of the way into autumn. Most likely as dessert for my birthday in November.


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