It’s all that’s in my thoughts right now. There are SO MANY small things to pull together, plan, solidify. It’s exhausting. It keeps me up at night. This is my general stream of consciousness on any random evening or morning when I’m not working on something else that’s mentally taxing. How am I going to mark the aisle? Will there be enough chairs? I forgot to check on prices for tablecloth rental. Will stuffed mushrooms freeze alright or will they get mushy? My fitting is in less than 2 months, I need to find shoes, and fast. What’s my cousin’s husband’s name? We still need to pick an officiant. Am I nuts for not hiring a caterer? Will a caterer fit into the budget? I still need to find some people to hire to help out with setup and teardown and food. What about our beer choices? How do I pick white wine if I don’t even like it to begin with. What sodas will we have for non-drinkers? I need some cute tubs to put ice and drinks in. Target has them for $15 each. I wonder if I can find something cheaper at a garage sale and paint it. If I get decanters I can use nice boxed wine for a little less and nobody will be the wiser. How many people will want beer and how many people will want wine? Where can I get tea sandwiches made that won’t suck? I still need to get the last of my save-the-dates out. What type of music will we play at the wedding. I seriously need to start working on my playlist. Speaking of music, I need to figure out how much speaker rental will be.

Exhausted yet?

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