Nail polish and top coat

I have lots of nail polish. Not because I’m obsessive or anything, but almost every time I go to the drug store, I find a color that I never knew that I needed. Desperately. You see, I have this penchant for trashy bright colors. I cant describe it. It’s probably mostly because I don’t ever paint my fingernails, it’s just my toenails, and who really sees your toes? I don’t regularly wear sandals, it’s always cold in our house so I’m wearing socks at home most of the time too. So having toenails that look like they belong on a stripper is kind of fun sometimes.


My main problem comes from clear nail polish, or top coat. Do what I might, I can’t seem to keep any around. It’s actually quite strange. I must have bought 7 bottles in the last year (I can never find it) and it keeps disappearing. I bought a bottle of orange nail polish yesterday and skipped buying topcoat (I know I shouldn’t!)because I figured I must have some lying around. After searching through all of the normal places like bathroom drawers, under the sink, my nightstand, old purses and the coffee table, I came up with THIS bottle. It has to be the most depressing, tiny piece of crap in existence.


If you want to know what to buy me for stocking stuffers or little gifts, clear nail polish is it! I cant guarantee I’ll have it long, but I’ll appreciate it nonetheless. Here, let me show you some of my favorite colors. 🙂


This teal is hands down my favorite color. I can’t describe why, I just find myself drawn to it like you wouldn’t believe. I have 3 other colors in the same range as it.


Stripper purple. I can’t come up with a more accurate way to describe it. I have 2 azaleas out front that are about to burst into bloom that are this exact color.


A strange cobalty color. It’s lighter than bright blue but brighter than light blue. I like it because it’s so awkward. It dries really flat though, needs top coat.


I bought this yesterday. I’m trying to find a nail polish color for my toes for the wedding. This may be too light, but I like how sparkly it is.


And the last color. This bottle of Hard Candy nail polish was given to me by the stripper sister of a good family friend who happened to be the ex drummer for Candlebox (the band) but had to quit because he got MS. Fun story. Anyway, Julie (the stripper) was nice. She always had crazy nails that were brightly colored or covered in huge glitter. Every time I saw her she’d give me mini-manicures. She gave me this and another bottle of Hard Candy nail polish about 15 years ago. The color’s name is “Fetish” and it’s been discontinued for at least 5 years. I also have a purse this exact same color.


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