Spiffy Hummingbird Feeder

You’ve all seen the fancy expensive blown glass hummingbird feeders at hardware and wildlife stores. They’re beautiful, but usually like $40. And I like hummingbirds, but not $40 worth. While fondling a couple at my local hardware store, I found that some of them have rubber stoppers with feeder tubes, just as if they were normal glass bottles. Which then made me wonder why I couldn’t just get a stopper and rig up some fancy looking hanging apparatus and use a nice looking bottle, of which I have many lying around. So I did.


This is my first attempt. The design could obviously use a little…refining? But as is, it’s better looking than those chincy plastic pieces of shit you see hanging off the eaves of trailers, and certainly cheaper than the nice ones that cost tons of money.


Maybe I’ll use pliers without teeth on them next time.

Total cost: $3.50
Stopper (at the local wild bird store, they’re way cheaper online) -$3.00
Copper wire at Home Depot – $.50 for 3 feet
Bottle from my stock of fliptop bottles – free
Cheesy glass bead thing – I have a million left over from some craft project – free


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