Cheap, simple, easy, attractive wall art

How can you complain? Come all, we all have “that wall.” The one you look at wistfully thinking to yourself “I really need to find some reasonably priced prints or a nice painting to put up.” The wall above my sofa in our family room was like that. Big, empty, beige. It doesn’t get much more depressing than that. Maybe greyish white or hospital green. Anyway, I was cleaning out the garage a couple weeks ago and found several canvasses that we’d been storing for a couple of years.


After mulling over ideas in my head regarding what to do with them that wouldn’t require a great deal of skill, I decided that a solid color triptych would be a good option. So I headed to Home Depot to check out the paint selection. After picking a few different colors I grabbed swatches and checked the out in the lighting of the house and that room. Then I went back and grabbed 3 small pots of paint (the ones they make for testing wall colors before buying gallons of it) for $3 each. With a $2 paint brush, I lightly painted them, let them dry, then hung them on the wall above the sofa. Below is a photo to show the true color of each of the canvasses, not the color in the dark in my family room.


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