Painting the house

Ok, well… I am not painting the house, but we’re paying someone else to do it! Which is way more fun that doing it yourself. It means that you get to come home from work to a different house. Or a strange looking ont at least.


FIrst, we had to rip the really weird privacy walls off of the bedroom deck and replace them with trellis to match the other (biggest) deck. I set Craig and his dad to work on that and they turned out beautifully. We also ripped the million year old corrugated plastic off from on top of the two decks that were here when we moved in. It brightened up the spaces a ton. Strange how removing 30 years of mold, mildew, and pine needles will do that for you!


At that point, the house was ready to be pressure washed. And it needed it. The house was last painted in 97 by our best estimate. There’s a can of paint in the garage with “1997” written on the lid.


We’ve also worked up quite a “gypsy pile” as Craig refers to it. All of the corrugated plastic, the weird wall things, our old door, etc are all waiting for our friend with a truck to have a free saturday or evening to take us to the dump.


Yesterday, I came home to this:


They had scraped, filled, and primed the whole house. While I’m partial to the attractive and inviting battleship grey that they exterior was/is, the white primer was a sight for sore eyes. That means that the next step is paint!!!!


Please ignore the almost completely dead front lawn. That’s actually supposed to be like that. I’m tearing it out in a month or so.

Awwww….. look at all my potted plants, just sitting there, feeling sad, lonely, abused. They’ve been evicted from their current living situation until the trellis has been fully painted.


And the south side of the house.. It obviously gets the most sun, and almost all of the paint was peeling off of it. I’m so pleased to see something actually adhering to it!


Hopefully next time I post photos of the house, it’ll be a slightly more cheerful color.

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