Dulce de Leche

Say it with me. “Dool-say day lay-chay”

This is the greatest thing you never knew you could make. My mom always used to make this when I was a wee lass. Probably because it requires zero skills other than being able to keep a pot of water on the stove at a low simmer for long periods of time, which is one of my favorite reasons to make it too. It’s a super creamy caramel that is magic. Apparently it’s epic when added to coffee, I’ve never tested this. It’s way better than the $8 caramel sauce shit for ice cream that you get at the grocery store. A really great application for this is to heat it up slightly (make it less viscous) and dip apple slices in it. Try swirling some (heated up) with brownie batter prior to baking. om nom nom.


The ingredients? Get ready for this…
1 can of sweetened condensed milk.
This can be found in the baking/spice aisle of the grocery store, near the chocolate chips and canned pumpkin.

That’s it.

You take the label off of the can and as much of the glue as you can, though this isn’t totally necessary, it just avoids unnecessary mess in your pot.

Then you put the can in the pot and fill the pot til the can is submerged. I leave the can on its side. This helps to avoid bubbles building up under the edges of the can and making it chatter.

Then you put the pot onto the stove on low or whatever will yield you a very gentle simmer. I’ll warn you that seemingly everyone on the internet is terrified of their cans rupturing and spewing boiling hot caramelized milk all over them. I’ve never seen this happen or seen signs of pressure on any of my cans. There are other(safer?) ways, but this is easier and less messy. I’ll note that last week I tried the method where you microwave the sweetened condensed milk in a large bowl and whisk it. That shit crystalized and hardened way before it caramelized enough. Plus my bowl was gross, and the texture sucked.

Let it sit there for 3-4 hours, turning it occasionally just to make sure there aren’t any spots that are getting more heat than others. I usually go 2.75ish and then turn it off and let it sit in the hot water until I remember to take it out (usually the water’s cold by then). The longer it cooks, the more solid it will be.

Then you can store it if you want to have dulce de leche at the ready. If you’re ready to eat it; by all means, attack.

If you opted for a more solid consistency, you’ll want to soak this in some warm/hot water for half an hour or so to get it soft enough to scoop out of the can easily. This is like christmas right here.


I scooped mine into a food storage container for later use.


And stole a little to nibble on, mixed with my ice cream!


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