August 28, 2010

Well, We’ve finally, officially gotten ourselves a wedding date. A few weeks ago, my future mother-in-law told me about this beautiful koi pond place that one of the mothers at the school she works at just bought. I contacted her and we spoke about pricing. It turns out it was about 4 times more than I wanted/expected to spend on a venue. But after my conversation with her, I realized that I had just over 8 months to find a place for, and plan my wedding. Not that Craig hasn’t been mentioning it on and off for the last 2 months. The wedding is “my thing.”

My initial plan for the wedding was to have just our immediate family come with us, and a justice of the peace to a remote area of a beautiful park somewhere and have the ceremony, then have a big reception afterwards at our house with lots of tasty food, drink, and wonderful music. Then Craig told me that he didn’t want to have the reception at our house because parking is horrible and the inside needs some renovating. As a result of now needing a site, I hadn’t bothered to pin down one specific date that I’d like to have the wedding, as I didn’t know what would be available once I found a venue that I liked.

Keeping in thinking of my initial plan, I began searching parks in the area, and found that St. Edwards State Park, in nearby Kenmore has the PERFECT place for weddings. And it costs 1/4 of what the koi place wanted to charge me. After leaving a voicemail late one friday night, I got a call back the next day (on a saturday!?) from one of the employees there telling me that the area was in fact available to reserve on the day that I was mulling around in my head, August 28th.

The park is an old abbey, built in the 30’s and it operated until the 1970’s when there weren’t enough monks to maintain it, so it was sold to Washington state as a park. This is the main abbey building.


The name of the area is The Grotto. It’s an area that priests went to meditate while the abbey was running, and based on a plaque that I found hidden behind a tree branch, it seems that a boyscout troop fixed it up in the mid nineties.


It is very private, you can’t really see anything from the rest of the park.


You walk down one of the two staircases down into the grotto area




Here’s the altar area where we’ll be married


This is the view from the far back end



Anyway, that’s the space, and the date.

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