Chicken Fajitas

Ok, I made these like 2 months ago and never bothered posting about them. Not all of the photos turned out even slightly appetizing, I was HUNGRY and couldn’t bring myself to set up a pretty plate and photograph it, instead opting to take pictures as Roy happily dished up his meal.


I basically just slice up washed bell peppers, maybe a poblano or 2, peeled onions, and chicken. Then I throw everything in a smoking hot cast iron pan and let it begin to blacken. Then when the chicken appears to be almost done, I put a little water mixed with taco seasoning and let it reduce.


I serve this with warmed tortillas, my amazing guacamole (that I will eventually post a recipe for that when I bother to figure out what my measurements are), and sour cream.


Try this! It’s amazing, and SO FAST to make. It’s a great way to get in extra vitamin C and use up those extra tortillas that are starting to get dry in the back of the fridge.


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