Daily Dahlia

I’ve been getting complaints from both sides of the Pacific regarding not having any new posts up on my blog. True story. I keep eyeing the bookmark to post and then changing my mind because I’m lazy. That’s really it. I haven’t been busy or anything. These next few posts are all photos that I took several weeks ago and didn’t get around to posting. While the weather was nice, I thought of the idea to share some bright summer colors with my limited number of readers throughout the dark, dreary, depressing rainy winter. I think almost all of the dahlias featured in this “daily dahlia” will be flowers from Kim’s (my stepmother’s) garden, I don’t tend to take photos of mine, and most of my tubers aren’t quite as special as hers.


I’ll start you off with my FAVORITE dahlia in existence. I have no idea WTF it’s called; I refer to it as “the enormous messed up purple one with the white in it.” It’s a technical term. Every time Kim brings one over, she ALWAYS apologizes for it being kinda twisted up, blaming it on the rain, the lack of rain, or whatever other act of God she can come up with. I think they’re just supposed to be kinda wacky, which makes me like them even more.


The flowers truly are almost the size of my head. The twisted petals and faint white stripes running the length of them make it an interesting flower to look at, and the purple is so nice, it makes me feel all warm and summery and smiley for at least a few minutes. I’m all excited about next summer already. Yay for more dahlias! Now 6 more months of torrential downpours.


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