Weekend at the cabin/ I discovered trap shooting!

We packed up the dog, a few guns, food for the weekend, and some pillows and headed up to Craig’s family’s cabin. Of course it was cold, but it was also not raining, which was the most important part. We got up there fairly late on Friday night, and after a dramamine + staying up past his normal bed time, Boris was exhausted.


We headed to the gravel pit on Saturday morning for some trap shooting (someone flings a disk of clay (clay pigeon) and you shoot it with a shotgun) which was probably the most fun I’ve had with a gun…. ever.


I was really bad. Really, very bad. But, I did improve, so hopefully with a little more practice, I won’t be embarrassed to try at the range just up the street from our house.


Craig’s friend Tim came up to get some experience with his 10/22 and also gave trap shooting a try. He was better than me.


We also took a very cool, very big, very powerful gun out to the pit. It’s a McMillan .50BMG. Craig needed to confirm the zero because he’s taking it out to a long range shoot in a few weeks.

And Boris was feeling a little left out, so we let him have a chance with it too. 🙂


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