We used the fire pit!

Ok, I’m only one and a half weeks behind on my photos. A couple weeks ago was our last week of nice (dry) weather prior to months and months of rain and overcast days. Since we had not yet made use of my totally awesome fire pit, I invited Craig’s parents over for S’mores. It was pretty awesome.


You can’t see the graham crackers, marshmallows, or chocolate in the photos. That’s because I already put them away. And we only had 2 camping chairs. Joe stood up because the smoke was following him, and I sat on the gravel. We probably need to address that by next summer. By the way, do you like how the deck looks now that it’s all fancy and stained?


While we were outside, I picked one of my squashes, a blue hubbard, though apparently blue means green. It’s really enormous. I’ve been feeling pretty smug about it for about a week, until my Dad and Kim came over and she told me she doesn’t think it’s ripe. I guess I’ll carve it for halloween. What a waste. I can’t seem to help myself. I was going to make the hugest squash soup with that sucker.


Oh, also, check out this dahlia. It’s awesome! Purple and white and nice like that. Unfortunately, the flower was directly attached to a 1″ thick stem. I kinda popped it off and set it on a glass full of water for a few days. I know, you’re impressed with my thorough ingenuity.


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