Pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust

I don’t have any good stories to tell about this recipe. We were having an impromptu thanksgiving and I made the pumpkin dessert. I decided that cheesecake would be tasty, and it was. It was also kinda soft in the middle, but whatever, still tasted good. More pumpkin next time though.


I crushed up ginger snaps and pecans for the crust. They were tasty, I wish I had a food processor to crush them up more uniformly, but what can ya do?


I topped it with ginger whipped cream, a very easy way to cut the sweetness of a topping, just very finely mince up some ginger and add it to your cream a few hours before whipping/serving it..

If you prefer the more concentrate flavor of a pie, this cheesecake won’t do it. Go for one with LOTS of pumpkin in it, as in… more than a can(I roasted my own but put in 1 can’s worth). Amanda couldn’t help herself here. It was a pretty good cheesecake. Although, I can’t think of many I haven’t said that about. haha.


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