Nectarine & Creme Fraiche Tart

I got the idea of this tart from Smitten Kitchen, but it was a pie, and the assembly was slightly different, oh, and I was pretty drunk when I made the crust, so there was no recipe that was followed. Ghetto cooking at its finest. I had been thinking about making something like this for months. It was like the Julie & Julia bruschetta, except I was able to hold off the temptation longer. I’m disappointed that I waited so long to be honest. It was simple enough, make a tart crust, blind bake it, layer it with sliced nectarines, drizzle creme fraiche on top, then top that with a crisp type topping, using powdered sugar instead of granulated. Then bake it.


It was really pretty before it went into the oven, then all the nectarine skins turned kinda brownish and weird, but man did the flavor make up for it. I used a fair bit of sugar in my crust, which was a great decision, I’m going to do that more often now. The bottom of the crust gets kinda soggy from the creme fraiche, but still holds together nicely. The crisp topping gets a little soggy too, but in a good way. The nectarines are still firm, and the edge of the crust is crispy and sweet. It’s really an indescribable combination. You’ll have to try it for yourself.


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