BLTA Sammiches

I’m sure I’ve probably blogged about these. I LOVE the combo. And it takes all of 8 minutes to put together. Plus… well.. bacon. When Craig said that Kelly was coming over for dinner this week and I better come up with an actual meal instead of making him come up with a quesadilla-esque creation with leftover chicken and lemon white wine caper sauce, I figured I better come up with something quick, easy, and delicious.


Anyway, any excuse to eat bacon that I can come up with, I’ll do. Essential for such a simple sammich is great bacon, great tomatoes, and tasty bread.


Of course avocado and lettuce are important too, but they don’t make or break the sammich so long as they’re ripe and not rotten.


I love mixing red and orange heirloom tomatoes. I know it’s totally a trend to buy and eat heirloom tomatoes, but the flavor really is there, it’s a valid trend. I support it, but I feel like and a-hole every time I buy them. Next year I’m starting my heirlooms under garden tunnels very early so I’ll have heirlooms tomatoes that are ripe prior to late September.


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