Where did my day go?

I had grand plans to accomplish a great many things today. Most notably, get the squirrels to a new home, and see Mellisa. At least I accomplished both of those. But really. I am a compulsive list maker. If I didn’t make lists, I’d forget to do pretty much everything. On my list for “Saturday” I had clean and organize pantry and fridge, vacuum, laundry (I have piles), and clean the kitchen. I called the lady that was taking the squirrels at 11am (per her request) and waited around for 3+ hours to hear back from her. During that time, I cleaned and organized the pantry and refrigerator, and started a load of laundry while I watched home improvement shows. lol

Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Oh wait, I have to change my oil, clean up the back yard, water the plants, and cook something delicious, plus probably help Craig’s parents get the remainder of the crap out of their garage. Shoot.

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