New home for the squirrels

Rescuing the squirrels seemed like an awesome plan. They’re cute, cuddly, and when they grow up, they’d make great little outdoor buddies. At least that’s what I thought. I was pretty much wrong. Well, they are immensely cute, but they grow up and get CRAZY. Plus they need a big ass cage (inside) to live in for the last few weeks before they get released.


And Boris is getting pretty upset. He’s mighty insecure, I assume as a result of his previous life, and he thinks that since I’m giving the squirrels all of this attention, we’re replacing him. He’s needy and whiney and has started finding stuff to chew on while we’re gone (mostly garbage and recycling). Since the family that we made a conscious decision to accept into our home (and was here first) trumps the orphaned wildlife that I found outside earlier this week, Boris’ needs come first. This makes keeping the squirrels impractical.


Did you know that baby squirrels like to eat every 4 hours? That means one meal early in the morning, 2-3 while at work, and 2 after I get home at night. Each feeding session takes approximately 30-45 minutes due to there being 4 babies, and I have to stimulate them to pee and poo, that’s what mama does in the nest. It’s time consuming, and kinda gross.


A few days ago, Craig and I decided that we’d see about bribing some of the local wildlife rehab places to take them. We figure that the economy is bad enough, nobody’s donating to animal causes, and funds are short. We can at least help to offset the cost of raising the squirrels (plus donate the formula and food that we’ve purchased for them). I guess nobody has room… still.


After calling around and asking, I finally spoke with someone who said “the ONLY person that I know of that has room is so-and-so, but she’s in Chehalis (1.75 hour drive)” So I got her number and did some research. I sent her an email, including my offer to make a cash donations as well as all of the formula and whatever else they need, and got a call back within a few hours.


So I’m taking the squirrels down to Chehalis tomorrow to go live with a wildlife rehabilitator. It makes me feel sad, they’re so cute, and they’ve really bonded with me (maybe I’ve bonded with them too). They’ll have the proper care and someone to take care of them the way that they need, plus with the resources, area, etc to give them what they need.


Plus Boris won’t be drooling all over them, and Perry won’t be sitting next to the box, visibly mulling over plans to open the box when my back’s turned.


Oh, and I get to see Mellisa tomorrow, a good friend from high school who lives not too far off my route. 🙂


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