Blooming Dahlias

Kim gave me dahlia tubers to put in my garden. I couldn’t be more pleased with them. After Dad brought over beautiful bouquets well into October, I was sold. These flowers are really amazing.


They got a slow start due to a combination of crappy soil and the tubers being dry and withered. I finally got some blooms this week, and I’m floored.


My white ones have purple around the edges, the purple ones are a deep reddish purple with purple stems, and my “Summer Breeze” is red on the outside and yellow on the inside. It blows my mind.


As I watch the Summer Breeze open up, the petals curl back to create little tubey things. It’s also the size of my hand all open and spread out. It’s freaking huge. I can’t wait for my “huge orange” opens!


By the way, all of these photos are straight out of my camera, no cropping, retouching, boosting, etc. Yes, it’s still my $200 3-year-old camera. 😉

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