Awwww, baby squirrels

I got home on Monday evening with some potted plants that Sue gave me when clearing out her “inventory” in preparation to move to a new home. When I first arrived, I heard a squawking sound but ignored it. When it was still there 3 trips later, I decided to figure out wtf it was. Turns out, 4 baby squirrels had fallen out of the tree next to our driveway and there was no mom in sight.


Craig dug out a little depression under the tree and lined it with some fluffy toilet paper that the neighbor kids tried to TP a tree with. Then he picked them up with welding gloves and stuck them in there so they’d stop trying to climb around on the driveway. Mom still hadn’t arrived the next morning so I took a sealed container of warm water out to them and covered them with an old t-shirt to keep them from dying.


When I called snohomish county they were of no help, so I called wildlife rehab places. The first place I talked to told me I could either take them to Bainbridge Island, or take them to their facility in lynnwood and they’d humanely put them down. 😦 So I called Bainbridge who then gave me some other numbers and it turns out that rehab centers are all full of squirrels right now and can’t accept any more. I also told Greg(my boss) about it, and he told me to go home, and get them, take care of them, and raise them. He also told me that since he’s such an animal lover, I can bring them to work every day to ensure they get fed at the right times and whatnot. I think he just wants to watch the cute furry little baby squirrels grow up. I don’t really blame him.


So now, we have 4 baby squirrels living with us, getting fed approximately every 4 hours, and overall being very cute. It’s a lot of work, but I couldn’t bring myself to let them a) die of exposure, b) get put down, which were pretty much my only other options. I’m pretty sure they’re girls. I’m adding a poll to the side bar somewhere (I hope) and I’d like you to vote on names. In case they’re boys, I’ll make a separate poll for those names. Right now, they are “Both Eyes Open,” “Right Eye Open,” “Left Eye Open,” and “No Eyes Open.” Clearly, these names aren’t going to last forever. The poll ends when they start looking the same again.


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