Deck Phase One Complete!

Really. The first portion of deck building, where actual wood was situated in the hole has been finished. Mostly.


Craig’s XJ lift ended up taking longer than expected so that ate into our time dearly. We got the preliminary stages of framing completed, as well as all of the planning done, which took a long time.


One of the obstacles that needed to be worked around was the shape of the existing main deck that the new deck needed to match up with. The other was access to the crawl space. Craig and his dad, Joe worked it out and it should be a pretty sweet solution.


The dog enjoyed playing between the joists (until he realized how tough it is to turn around in a slot that’s narrower than he is long). We also played fetch and wrestled a bit.


I ended up making 11ty trips to Home Depot today. Okay, 4, but still, it was a pain in the ass.


I was able to fill the huge hole that I dug in the back yard to be the dry well for my gutter downspout. Craig pointed out that it looks exceedingly similar to a cock and balls. Luckily it’ll all be covered and nobody will be the wiser, except for you lot, you saw the evidence.


I’m impressed by the amount of stamina Craig and Joe had, spending all day yesterday working on the Jeep, and all day today working on the deck project.


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