Glimpses of the garden

Because if you see the big picture, you’ll be disappointed. After I found out that my soil is crap and started watering the plants with coffee, and spreading manure/compost/peat on them, they began to perk up. My carrots FINALLY did something more that just sit there, the bell and poblano peppers began blooming, and my cucumbers began growing.


My heirloom tomatoes have produced at least 2 fruits so far. Here’s hoping that they grow to size and color up before we get frost!


The tomatoes are the only things that are actually doing well, which I attribute to them being ok in slightly alkaline soil, plus sparse nitrogen encourages plants to set fruit. FUN FACT!


My star jasmine is looking mighty beautiful, it set it’s second set of blooms and smells WONDERFUL.


Plus, look how pretty it is!


And my mexican mock orange. Oh my. It gave me a few flowers shortly after I bought it (in April, when it’s supposed to bloom) but I believe my recent fertilization regimen has prompted it to start again.


It’s evergreen by the way. How awesome is that!? In this photo, you can only see one open flower, but if you look closely, there are about 50 buds that are swelling and getting ready to open. It’s going to be awesome. I’ll probably just drag a camping chair down there and sit next to it, sniffing.


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