My strawberry bed


Whoa, seriously. I got like 10 strawberry plants from Dad and Kim this April that were doing pretty pitifully. All of the leaves died back and I was certain that I had killed them. Then all the sudden, new leaves began popping up, and then there was a full-on crazy dinosaur jungle of leaves.


Then I got a couple runners, which is to be expected with strawberries, they get pretty invasive given the right conditions.


The runners have kind of gotten out of control though. I’m beginning to fear for my life. They may or may not grow enough overnight to strangle me in my sleep.


They’re going over and attacking my other plants. Here is one (or several) trying their best to choke out my alyssum.


They’re going a few feet into the very dry lawn. I don’t see much hope for those guys, but once they grow roots, I’ll transplant them somewhere else. This bed is going to be getting quite a lot bigger within the next couple month so these puppies will have some room to stretch their legs.


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