Chicken Caprese Sammiches


I was feeling inspired by my recent success in ripened cherry tomatoes to create a meal that involved fresh tomatoes, and some of the huge amount of basil that I’ve allowed to bolt (stupid 100 degree weather) and need to use post haste. I figured caprese would be delicious, but not exactly filling, and grilled sammiches seemed like a good plan. Craig’s friend Hiroshi made the decision between them and a greeky salad (strange, a guy turning down salad!). They were very simple, just fresh Mozzarella (I didn’t make it this time), fresh basil, sliced, grilled chicken, and juicy vine ripened tomatoes all on some Ciabatta.


I got the grill super hot (500º) and put one of my cast iron pans on it to get equally hot while I assembled my sandwiches. Then plopped one on, put the searing hot pan on top, and let it sizzle a bit. BTW, great way to get around buying and storing a large and expensive panini press. Repeat with the remaining 3 sammiches, profit.


Served with a simple ear of corn, these were a tasty summer sammich for a 92º sunday.


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