I must admit, I hated hydrangeas… a lot. Well, before we owned this house. They look like crap all winter, you have to trim back dead parts, and the flowers are gross once they die. But then we moved into this house, and it was the only remaining flowering anything left in the yard when we closed on the house in late September. It was overgrown and attacking the pathway, but I was smitten by the late flowers and the rich, deep blue tones. Hydrangeas may be a little played out in terms of landscaping, and I’ll be the first to admit, big green balls speckled with blue balls all over them in landscapes mildly disgust me, they come off as trashy. Done properly, they’re magical.


To me, hydrangeas have a certain appeal… I want to say Martha Stewart, Newport Beach, northeastern US, Cape Cod type appeal. Having them in the house makes me feel crafty, and ridiculously enough. They encourage me to keep the kitchen neat and tidy, and cook meals from scratch, lest I disappoint Ms. Stewart. Between hydrangeas and dahlias, it’s a huge tossup. I don’t think that I could ever decide. Luckily, dahlias come in pretty much every shade EXCEPT blue, and hydrangeas come mostly in blue, with cool shades of pink, purple and white thrown in when the pH is correct. Both last exceptionally long as cut flowers also, allowing you to enjoy them indoors and out. Hydrangeas: They’re a good thing.


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