The air conditioning

Craig is a sucker for a good deal and saving money. It’s one of the reasons that I love him, but also a source of conflict when I’m very cold during the winter. After vowing not to turn the air conditioning on (because it’s REALLY expensive), I got a text message from him yesterday afternoon. It said something to the effect of “I turned the AC on, the animals looked miserable.” So, while Craig is cheap, he’s willing to keep the house in the 80’s (when the forecast says 100º for wednesday) to keep the animals happy. If we didn’t have the dog and cat, I can promise you that I’d just have to sit outside and spray myself down with the hose every 10 minutes.

As it is, I’m very glad we have pets.

One thought on “The air conditioning

  1. I don't know if cheap is the right way to describe him. He'll spend an unreasonable amount of money on certain things and then punch as many pennies as possible on others. I like to think of him as “eccentric”.


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