Our hole!

We have these 2 decks sticking off the back of our long, flat, rectangle of a house and they look weird. Really. That in and of itself is fine, but it’s an awkward space that resides between them. The lawn goes up partway, and then we have this “pathway” of concrete blocks, there’s overgrown grass between them, it’s just a mess. Really. Here it is about a month after we moved into the house.


I really wanted to put a patio in between the 2 decks, but after researching process and cost, decided against it. There was no need to spend a few thousand dollars in materials and spend several weekends breaking my back. Craig and I compromised and decided to put in a low deck. We have 2 steps down to our living room where our main deck is off of, and I wanted this new deck to be a step down from that (to avoid putting an additional step along the front of it as the yard slopes away from it). We had to excavate the entire area where the new deck would be so there would be room for the underpinnings and pier blocks and whatnot. I started doing that, and after 2 halfassed attempts at digging, I decided that it made more sense to pay someone.


Luckily, Craig’s mom knows someone who does all the unpleasant work around her house, and for $10/hr, so we had him come and dig for us. It took him 9 hours to complete the approximately 300 square foot area. I was pretty impressed, and VERY glad that it hadn’t been me. I spent the day putting in some new plants out front, making paella and drinking wine. Tough life.


After digging out the cherry tree that he buried in sand, I’m pretty excited, even though we’ll have a huge unoccupied hole for the next few weeks while we save up for the deck materials.


Yes, I know my lawn’s dead. If you were on top of several feet of sand with no real soil under you, you’d have gone dormant at the first sign of warm weather too.

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