4th of July at the cabin.

We had a nice American 4th of July, shooting guns and whatnot. We loaded up the dog (left the cat at home, last time he pooped on my bag after projectile vomiting on the back seat), and left before 7am to beat traffic. We brought up a pork butt for some bbq pork sammiches, which I forgot to photograph, as well as the corn, strawberry shortcake, and lemon blueberry sauce.

Craig brought up his new steel plates, which are a blast to shoot, they make great noises when you shoot them. I shot a happy face on it with my .22. 🙂

There were also some great butterflies at the gravel pit. They actually might have been moths, doesn’t matter, they were pretty.

The deck at the cabin has been slowly sliding down the hill, so we watched as Joe jacked it up and replaced the pier blocks with new ones and adjustable hangers. It was hard work.

I also set up with my 10/22 and did some shooting at Olympic targets that we found in a pile of old paperwork.

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