Nectarine cobbler with a biscuit dumpling top and ginger-spiked whipped cream

Man, this was GOOD. I went to the handy-dandy asian supermarket to get a killer deal on produce, and found one. More specifically, I was hoping to find some good nectarines, the flavor is out of this world, and you don’t have to peel them which means less work, and a more colorful cobbler. I also bought this rad super deep baking dish (like 3+ inches deep) that I was totally pumped to use.

For some reason, the thought never occurred to me that it would take FOREVER to cook the underside of the topping with 3″ of nectarines under it, but no worries, all worked out in the end. Nectarines really don’t need any dolling up in terms of flavor, so I left it simple. I avoided adding any sugar (desserts that are too sweet aren’t so tasty to me), and just dumped in a couple tablespoons of corn starch to thicken up the juices that would appear once it went into the oven.

The topping was just a simple Joy of Cooking biscuit topping, but the nectarines were so juicy that they boiled the underside of it and gave it a dumpling quality. It was epic. Really. The whipped cream was simple enough, I took the cream and poured it over about an inch of grated fresh ginger in a jar and let it sit for about 8 hours, when whipped the whole lot with a couple tablespoons of sugar, no need for vanilla or triple sec, or any other flavoring. The ginger and low sugar gave it a nice “organic” feel, but not in a gritty unpleasant to eat way, just in an unmolested flavorful way. It was a good choice on my behalf. Since sometime last summer, I’ve been unable to leave ginger out of pretty much any of my fruit desserts.

I ran across a pear tart that used powdered ginger and was intrigued. After that, I tried fresh and really noticed a much better flavor. It brings out the freshness in the fruit. I suggest you try it. The whole cobbler/whipped cream mixture got topped with some fresh sliced strawberries to add a bit more color and textural interest. I’d say overall, they detracted from the dish though, too busy and the flavor didn’t add much.

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