Teensy-weensy strawberries and cheerios

Dad and Kim are out of town this week, which incidentally happens to be the best week for strawberries. Seeing as they have quite a sizable patch, I received instructions to go by a couple times and harvest the little suckers. I must say there are few things better than non-commercially produced strawberries and it has nothing to do with a bend against capitalism or need to feel indie; they’re delicious. This particular variant produces small, intensely flavorful berries, whereas the commercially propagated varieties were bred for size and shelf-life, not flavor.

Seeing that Craig and I are having an unofficial contest to see who can eat the fewest calories and lose the most weight, I didn’t do anything spectacular with them like dip them in bittersweet chocolate or top a high butterfat ice cream with them. No matter, sometimes the simplest preparations are the best. The cheerios benefitted greatly from the added sugar and provided a nice textural and flavor contrast to the soft sweet little pieces of heaven. YUM!

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